a tribute to van goch


Anisa Ashkar was born in 1979 in Barbur, a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Acre, Israel. In her neighborhood that wasn’t connected to electricity or sewerage Ashkar grew close to nature, and spent her afternoons after school playing in the fields and taking care of the livestock. Only in her teens she understood her experience as being different and that has made her curios about the world and its relation to the Other.

Ashkar started dealing with the major themes of her work early on during her years in the Midrasha school of Art. She began creating performances and series of photographs inspired by mythology, dealing with major themes she could identify in her biography. Ashkar Started exhibiting during her school years and shortly after graduating she has began exhibiting all over europe. In May 2008 Ashkar finished her Medusa trilogy. The trilogy that started in Athens Greece in 2006, continued in Dusseldorf Germany and came to an end in Vienna Austria. Ashkar is About to exhibit two major projects in Israel in 2009 and participate in group exhibitions in Israel and all over europe. A new solo exhibition of photographs taken in Dusseldorf in spring 2008 will be shown in her home gallery Nelly Aman, and a new performance will debut in the vernissage of Fresh Paint 2 – contemporary art fair.