A Tribute to Van Gogh

a tribute to van goch

بلون رجوعك  برموشي بخيوط اشعة الشمس الذهبية”

“I color your return with my eyelashes, with the golden beams of the sun”

I thought of making ‘a tribute to Van Gogh’ on summer 2005. In wearing a flower in my hair, I chose a symbolic act encoded in our culture, bearing a decorative and esthetic meaning, along side seductive, romantic and sexual meanings. replacing a delicate soft floral decoration with a Sunflower changed not only the seducer but also his addressee. Daydreaming has been replaced with a sweat hallucination caused by the heat of the sun. A potential lover isn’t trying to seduce the painter but lure him to make art. While the artist searches for the Muses, the Muses await to be found.